• who we are

    Ridgeway Capital is a specialist private equity investor in UK SME businesses.


    We support and invest in ambitious management teams and businesses with a sound business model.


    Our investment range is typically between £500,000 and £5 million per transaction.

  • investment approach

    Our approach is to partner with the management and key stakeholders in the business, focusing on a common goal and ensuring interests are aligned, to help achieve the economic and professional aspirations of all.


    Using our experience and expertise, we adopt an approach tailored to the particular business needs - there is no standard solution applicable to all businesses.


    Accordingly, we do not badge our investment approach as specifically ‘Development’ or ‘Turnaround’ Capital. However, the fundamental criteria are that there is a business which:

    • requires additional financial support; and
    • has an owner/management team that would benefit from a partner to add value and share the load.